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JMSP Celebrates 120 Years of Education

Limitless in its broadness, fathomless in its depths and inexhaustible in its fullness, is the age old truth that cooperation breeds success. Graced by distinguished VIPs, the likes of the Deputy Mayor of Francistown, Mr Godisang Radisigo, Chief Kgosi Masunga, Board Chairman Mr Altaf Parekh, JMS PTA Chairperson, Mrs Rosinah Phatshwane, Mophato School Deputy Principal, Mr Mawire, JMS High School Principal, Mr Lambat; only to mention a few, the celebration could not be a failure.

The quad was well decked and ready to host a programme of a notable magnitude well before 7am on the 27th of September 2019, courtesy of the effort of our highly cooperative staff and learners, both Primary and Secondary, seated in their designated places. It was a great pleasure to pace the VIPs through the Alumni Wall (a glass wall dedicated to all JMS Alumni) and the student class displays. With everything happening with the precision of a beautiful equation, the programme was touch and go, short and sweet.

As the programme unfolded, it was evident that much thought and planning had gone into its formulation. The learners and parents sang the National Anthem with the aplomb of true veterans. The MC called the participation of the King of Kings through a word of prayer. That done, the guests were cordially welcomed and introduced accordingly by one of our Board Members, Mr Iqbal Ebrahim. The place sprung into life as the whole school belted their latest release entitled, “Ti tji mu zila’’ a fitting tribute to our collective psyche, translated, ‘’We are still on the way’’.

The ladies within our parent body showcased the undying custom of “Dikgafela”, a teaching point to our modernised, culture-forgetting children.

The Deputy Principal, Mr C. Mpofu took to the podium and scintillatingly spoke about the school - where we are coming from, where we are and where we are going. He highlighted on the achievements made and impediments encountered. On the whole, he highlighted that, ‘’What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us’’. He emphasised that all things are possible to those who are determined.

Thereafter, the two marimba bands, from the Primary School and High School took turns to render some tunes. The High School marimba band wowed the audience with their rendition of the Kalanga Music maestro, the ageless, “Dingo Johwa”.

The guest of honour, the Deputy Mayor of Francistown, Mr Godisang Radisigo observed that JMS is a leader in education. He showed how the effort of all stakeholders is necessary, is pivotal in setting high educational standards. He thanked the parents, teachers and learners of JMS for their unparalleled effort in maintaining high standards.

The Traditional Dance Group, “Bana Bana Ba Ntogwa” was the cherry on the cake. They flowed on the cobbled Quad to the thunderous applause of both young and old. Little wonder the MC-Mr George Saurombe called for a standing ovation at the conclusion of their awe- inspiring performance. Their performance will be indelibly etched on our minds for as long as time lasts.

Mr C. Mpofu gave us the vote of thanks which was premised on the contributions of all present towards the success of the day. The whole staff received accolades for teamwork in learners’ class displays. A huge thank you to all our JMS staff who worked tirelessly over this event. We would also like to thank the parents for their unwavering support towards this monumental event. The PTA ladies were commended for the “Dikgafela” demonstrations and the VIPs for their presence in gracing the day.

We knew it was time to love and part when the learners, led by “Mr Music”, (Mr J. Inambao) sombrely belted the song, ‘’Till we meet again.’’ The programme ended at 9:54 am, to be as precise as a beautiful equation. Judging on the feedback from the parents, visitors and friends, the celebration was a huge success. Our hats off to the parents who always push us to be, ‘’The Best I Can”.

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