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John Mackenzie School 
Home of the Blue Rhinos: Embracing Strength & Spirit

The B

Over the course of several weeks, our school community engaged in an exciting electoral process to determine the newest symbol of our school spirit. A School Mascot! The candidates? The Blue Bees and the Blue Rhinos.


After passionate campaigning and spirited debates, the Blue Rhinos emerged victorious, in our school mascot elections capturing the hearts and votes of our student body and the entire school community.

Symbolizing resilience and an unwavering commitment to being 'The Best I Can', the Blue Rhinos embody our school's ethos of determination and unity. Their triumphant election marks a milestone in our journey, reminding us all of the power of collective spirit and the importance of striving for our very best.

This electoral experience coincided with a general election year in our country, providing our students with an incredible educational opportunity to learn firsthand about democratic processes. They gained valuable insights into campaigning, voting, and the importance of civic engagement.

Join us as we proudly embrace the Blue Rhinos as not just a mascot, but a symbol of our school's enduring strength and our relentless pursuit of greatness.

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School Mascot Elections Day

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