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Standard Three Trip to Tantebane

The pupils were filled with excitement and anticipation on their night away from home. Upon arrival at Tantebane, the children were split into three groups; the Lions, Tigers and Panthers. Each group was given an opportunity to go through various activities such as scavenger hunt, art by using material from nature, horse riding, game drive, just to mention a few. Their favourite game was: “Pear, Banana, Slice, Slice, Banana.”

After supper, they went on a sun hunt before they were given an amazing learning opportunity to be acquainted with the stars. They were shown the Milky Way, the Southern Cross, Planets, the Three Sisters, the Black Hole, Scorpion and much more. The evening ended with a talent show and the pupils in groups of four came up with a variety of brilliant performances.

The 2019 Std 3 classes were given an opportunity to leave a mark at Tantebane, by making colourful hand prints on the wall. What a spectacular piece of art it turned out to be! Although we never saw any animals on our way in, we managed to see some giraffes and water bucks on our way out. Besides that, we also saw some zebras and monkeys during our game drive.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Tantebane instructors “Dad Long Legs” and “I Candy” for making our overnight outing very special. A huge marshmallow thanks to our parents for making this possible; what an incredible educational experience it was, full of fun. We would like to thank our dedicated staff, Mrs Mwansa, Mrs Kamkama and Mr Beleme for taking such good care of our pupils whilst away from home.

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